February was a bit of a drab month for a few reasons, and March is already almost over. It's difficult to find inspiration at this time of year, to say the very least. However, 2023 has started off differently in a way I believe is worth noting.

I don't necessarily believe every year needs to be given a title or a theme, as I think many of them develop regardless of my input. That said, I felt that 2023 was deserving of a little more intentionality. Throughout Jan-Feb, patterns emerged and developed into some words that I wrote down on February 9th. . .

  • Organic
  • Vintage
  • Tender
  • Reverent
  • Halcyon

I'm desiring a tender, reverent perspective towards the immutable. What's good in life and how do we cling to it?

Jesus created this world, and, despite it's broken state, I believe there is so much good in it. I want to find those things, praise Him for them, and keep a level head by routinely immersing myself into them and what they give back. One of the ways I'm attempting this is by refining the hobbies I've had into simpler forms. For example, pixel art.

space pixel art

Pixel art is a digital art form that's always had my heart, but I never felt brave enough to try it myself. It's been both greatly enjoyable and almost edifying, as it's challenged my drawing skills while also simplifying them. There are only so many ways you can use a pixel at a time, but it's strangely effective. I find the process very gratifying and grounded. It reminds me of simpler times, old video games, and nostalgic moments. It's brought me great joy to immerse myself in the various styles, learning what I'm drawn to and how I can craft my own style out of what already works. It's nice.

Next on the list will be film photography. I've got the film and a camera that might work, but I keep avoiding it because of said camera. But I've got some trips coming up next month and the deadline is ticking, so it won't be long now.

This whole post feels like I'm rambling, so I think I'll call it for now. I mostly wanted to get back up on the blog post horse, as writing more often is another desire of mine for 2023.

Until next time.

space pixel art