About Rain

That's the thing about rain. In one short moment, I was swept back roughly 14 years to a much different time. It was summer, warm, and rain quickly seeped into the pavement of the driveway. I couldn't help but wonder, lost in the simplicity, quiet, and beauty of this moment. It seemed to last forever. I can't choose when it rains, I can't really parse out any individual drops, and I don't really care why it happens. But that's the thing about rain; it always makes me pause, breathe deeply, and wonder a little bit.

It's coming down right now, sprinkling me slightly as I sit on the porch. It's a calming contrast to the loud busses that are passing by as they head to pick up the lucky kids who just finished an arduous day of education. It's been an odd day, internally. I haven't been doing a great job of acknowledging my uncomfortable mental state, so I've been a bit off-kilter. I tend to distract myself with more, when I really just need a little less. I need something to focus on, something that'll cut out the clutter. But that's the thing about rain; despite how much of it there is, it unifies everything it falls onto.

Gutters fill, streets drain, and sidewalks do their very best to not be too slippery. I haven't seen any toads yet, but I'm imagining them as they hop around, just happy to be alive. Despite the strong desire, I resist the primal urge to stand under the downpour. I really shouldn't get myself all soaking, especially not during work hours. I know better, because I'm a responsible adult who has better things to do with my time. But that's the thing about rain; it always fills me with a sense of adventure and hope for what might be coming next.

When all is said and done, rain is made for cozy days. With each drip outside your window, you can be thankful for the tea, coffee, or hot cocoa that sounded like the perfect companion to the book you were already reading. Although the wondering and exploring of the world is good and even necessary, it's as beautiful as it is dangerous, rain. Sometimes it's not so bad to stay in, stay cozy, and appreciate what home is all about.

That's the thing about rain; it reminds me of you.