mid year update

It just occured to this morning that the year is half over and I've barely used this blog! I've been taking a little bit of a head down approach to projects, etc., so I think it's made me hesitant to talk about anything until I had a solid grip on what I was actually doing. But really, that's an excuse.

Recently I have been...

  • Reading Lord of the Rings
  • Reading through the whole Bible
  • Imitating film photographer on my dslr via a great set of presets and shooting at 35mm.
  • Working on a 3-5 song ambient EP for my project time stops at sunset
  • Demoing our downstairs bathroom
  • Practicing character pixel art, specifically by making characters for a pathfinder campaign I'm in.
  • Drinking chemex coffee again.
  • Learning how to code at work, although I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing.
  • Not playing video games.

A few things worth noting...

I decided to give up video games for the month of July to see what else I can spend time on and enjoy, to great results so far. It's made me think a lot about how I spend my time and that I was probably a bit of an addict. It's only been a week, and the results have definitely been a success.

It's my hope to complete the EP over the course of July-August, with an August release date. We'll see if that happens, but I'm feeling positive! A September release date will be entirely acceptable if it's because the tracks need more time in the oven. I'm trying to use this experience to learn as much as I can and still create something I'm really, really proud of. If you like ambient music, you can check out the two songs I already have out on spotify.

Bathroom project should be done by the end of the year, but sooner is the goal. There are still some unknowns to be discovered in the demoing process, but I've already gained significant confidence in my ability to work on such things, which was very needed.

Pixel art is so sick. I love doing it. It's up there with photography as a hobby that I got into "later" in life and has been so good for me.

You know what I haven't been doing much lately? Writing. I might have to buckle down and crank out some more blog posts soon. I'm just bursting with soooo many great ideas and thoughts the world just has to hear. More seriously, I think it's interesting how much writing helps me remember who I am. I'm not really sure how to explain that any more clearly at the moment, so do with it what you will. My cat Mo is currently trying to eat a box, so I'm gonna call it here.